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Saturday, January 26, 2013

JBF Oddball and Insert Draft Preview 1

Time to start showing you some of the goodies in the oddball, insert, and parallel jbf draft.  Spots are $6 per. Payment can be sent to lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com

Gonna be some neat stuff in this one:
 1991 Score Rookie Traded/1988 Topps Traded/1989 Score Rookie Traded
 1986 Topps Traded/1987 Fleer Update
 91 Leaf Gold Foil Rookies/1984 Topps All Star / 1986 Fleer Star Stickers
 87 Fleer Star Stickers/88 Fleer Hottest Stars/1986 Topps AllStar Set
 1982 OPC/1986 Fritsch Negro League Stars
 2009 Topps Black Parallels/1982 K Mart/1981 Cramer Baseball Legends/1988 Burger King Huntsville Stars team issue
 1982 Coke/1986 Quaker Oats/1997 Denny's
93 Gold Leaf Rookie/2010 TOG Insert/1995 Stadium Club Parallel/2008 A&G State Insert


  1. By team, what's the deal? Send you $6 now for the Padres?

    1. The way it works is you actually just buy a slot not a team. So there will be rounds and you will send me a list of your prefercences and you're drafting what you prefer. Gonna be 300 Cards in there. You will get to pick 15 out of that group in a draft style.