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Thursday, January 17, 2013

PWE Bombs are exploding all over

My good buddy described my new pastime as random PWE bombs exploding all over the place. If I have your address and you haven't had a PWE visit yet...no worries you will.  But I'm still looking for more people that want to receive cards randomly in the mail.  Shoot me a line at lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com and let's chat.

Don't stop believin' and hell reblog it.  Help me get more peeps in my rolodex of card giving.


  1. I got a PWE in the mail today. I usually keep track of what I'm expecting to arrive in the mailbox and this caught me by surprise. Do you live in 35750? If so, thank you for the Cubs. I love the Proctor & Gamble Sandberg!

  2. I got one today too. That Luis Gonzalez / Mike Piazza is rad. Thank you.


  3. sure - I'll take one. thanks!