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Friday, March 13, 2015

P Town gettin down with the get down

Tom is a good blogging friend.  I'm putting the finishing touches on a mythical and mysterious visitor for him...THE LEPRECHAUN.

He was nice enough to drop a super sweet bubbler on me this past week:
 I'm quickly becoming the hot destination for Spahns---
 And I'm definitely cool with that!
 Always loved the Famous Quotes cards
 Tom was kind enough to send some extra Cubs for the Auto project!
 Love the Ben Jones
 Two first timers to the Auto Binder-Templeton and Hargrove
 My favorite has to be this hand signed Theo.  I'm not a Sox guy but it's super cool.  What's the story on this one Tom??
It's always a treat to receive a package from Tom.  I appreciate the Spahns and the great additions for the Auto Binder!


  1. The Theo was a dupe, believe it or not.

    Theo is my only TTM autograph, and he signed the same card as the one above, inscribed to me in silver sharpie.

    The one I passed to you was an in person auto I got from Theo when I was in spring training last year. Now I know why he used a silver sharpie. My bad on the blue. Bummer.
    Regardless, I thought it might be the first auto in your collection of a GM/President of Baseball Operations guy. No?

  2. Nice cards- can never go wrong with Spahn!