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Friday, March 27, 2015

Give Junkies a Chance!

We should all be more open hearted.  Let's give Junkies a chance!!  T.J. from the Junior Junkie dropped a great parcel into the  mailosphere which made its way to me!  Let's take a look at some great stuff

 Smoltzie and the Dawg
 Hope he plays as hard as his dad
 Toy Cannon Disk!  I'd never seen this one!
 Man I miss that guy
 This one was picked especially for me!  Great Choice!
 TJ is making a contribution to the autograph project!
 Shake your tail feathers
 The Stadium Club Autos are nice and clean
 Loving the shiny
 Walker was gritty. Always liked the way he played
 A very neat Ozuna
 Nice Auto and Jersey Combo Dual
 Now this one I really liked!  That's a fielding glove!  A great addition
I never would have thought a Junkie would have such nice things.  I appreciate this bundle T.J..  It was great!  Hit you back soon my friend


  1. I mailed a ton on Tuesday, and it looks like yours was the first to land.

    Glad you liked!

  2. Could a name change to Jaybarkerfan Junkie be in order?

  3. Excellent, batch of goodness. I had never seen that Wynn disc either. Better make sure it is on my want list (is it numbered?).