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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mail from a Dawg Fan

Tony L is definitiely OFF HIATUS  as he surprised me with a nice package today!  Let's take a look at what Tony threw at me.

 Tony is a Dawg Man but knows that I'm a Tider.  He sent me a nice stack of Crimson!
 I really enjoyed this nice Die Cut of Damon
 He also sent me a huge stack of Braves Micros.  WHICH I DIDN'T HAVE. Including the Chippa!
 Tony sent me this Fasani which was indeed his #12 contribution to the Autograph Project!
Thanks for this nice surprise Tony!  I will keep my eye out for interesting Brew Crew for you.


  1. That Damon Huard card is fantastic. Great stuff from Tony.

  2. Glad you got the package, JBF. I found a 750-count box of football cards that I had forgotten I had, so it reminded me to send some Bama guys your way!