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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big Fun Draft Party Pick 2- Sport Card Collector takes Number 7

It's time for pick #2.  SCC spares Nick from being a theft victim and opts for Number 7.  What does it hold in store???

The bounty that is unveiled is a selection of 5 GU Basketball Cards heavy on TWolves. 

The legendary Napkin Doon sits at pick #3.  Will he thief or opt for one of the remaining 8 prizes???


  1. Both lots are tempting but I'll see what Elvis Andrus' number 1 does for me!

  2. Nice Garnetts!

    I just deleted my comment on the previous one because I didn't read the rules correctly. I thought we had to pick our number under the first post then steal afterwards. If I had took the time to read I would have waited and I would have stolen :)

    Thanks for the cards! Will email you addy soon.

    1. Did you get my addy? Forgot to double check lol

      Also, how do I get added to your blog: list :)

  3. Not to nag, but has mine been mailed yet? Thanks!