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Thursday, March 5, 2015

John Miller is the King of Braves!

John from of Johnny's Trading Spot has graciously been helping me fill in the holes in my Braves Anthology Binder.  He seems to have every Brave!  Feast your eyes on all these Bravos I didn't have-many that I never knew existed:
 I had Ken in the 69 set but not the Braves Binder!  Love that Ernie!
 Definitely didn't have Mr. Floyd or Durbin

 Thought I had Lum!  But now I do for sure!
 Tom Hausman??  Now he's in the binder

 I love 75's.  I need to get back on that set build

 Ozzie as a Brave!

 Cesar Jiminez looks like a rock star

 Infante?? Haas??
 Look at this Tom House Rookie. Now I got one for my binder
 Ironically I just picked up 3 Demond Smith autos for the Project this past week
John!! Thanks a ton my friend!  I will get you another list soon.  You rock!

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  1. Definitely had better luck finding a few with the second list. Can't wait to get the next one. By then hopefully you saved your lists and can update them. You know for a double check, LOL.