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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Deal or No Deal-The Big Reveal

Planned to drop this one tomorrow but why not now???

Before I reveal the list of available prizes in the game, here is how things will go:

Brad will select a # from 1-26.  That is his property

From that point the banker will have Brad select a number of cases to take away prizes until all have been revealed or Brad makes a deal.  After each reveal the imaginary card banker will make Brad an offer to buy his case..

This process will continue until all cases are gone with No Deal or until Brad accepts a deal.

At that time.  All revealed prizes(except one) will become available for DHoff.  He will have the option to select one.  That will be his prize.

Sound fun?  Let's see what's available:
 Why is Bip Clipped?  I have no idea.  Win this prize and you can ask him.
 Win this prize and you can search for the completely unelusive Big Unit Rookie
 It's a pullout. It's Sweeney.  Maybe that's your thing?
 Maybe you like manuleather? Maybe you have a child named Britton that wears 53?
 Win this and you can get a piece of Erstad's jersey and creepy crystal ball looking card.
 Not Boz. Not Ricky. But Tyler Skaggs
 Feeling Princey?
 Oooo. I got nothing.
 Steroids not included.
 It's a Marlin. Awwwww cmon it's a shiny encased Marlin.
 It has a stripe
 Polanco is 01/10.  That's something.
 Very plain swatch
 Shiny Trout
 Silk. 50/50
 It's an auto. It's Museum
 A couple of bats
 If you pick this then Real American may play in the background
 The best plain black swatch you will ever see #'d to 35
 Goldy numbered to 50
 Several Autographs
 Pretty neat Cooperstown Auto
 It's a mini Puig.  It's Black
 A jersey lot.  A Francisco Liriano jersey lovers dream
 QUAD.  The Alvarez is so sick it's near death
This one is pretty much the holy grail of card trading blog games.  If Brad can select this one and take it to the house.  HE WINS IT ALL.  Sorry Dhoff this is that one that I said wouldn't be available.

Let the games begin.