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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deal or No Deal-The banker returns with four more cases

Time to see what is gone from Brad's potential prizes:

Just from a volume perspective this is a nice prize that's gone

Ouch....Little bit of a zinger on this pick

Goodbye Mr. Skaggs

Goldy flying the coop

"So you damaged yourself a little bit this round Brad.  The choice is yours but time is running out.  Accept my offer or continue and open 3 more cases."

Offer-4 Ryan Howard Moments and Milestones Cards- 2 are "'d to 459, 2 are refractors #'d to 149

Remaining cases:



  1. Oooh that was a rough one. The first three were all outstanding lots.

  2. The jackpot is still out there.. and my birthday is tomorrow so I'm feeling lucky.

    No Deal!

    Let's go with: 6,9,25