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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Round 2 of the 100th Blog Post Draft Party Begins Now

Here we go with Round 2- The Basketball Round. Same deal. 12 hours to make a pick after I put you on the clock. Here's another surprise-The final round will actually have 18 picks-not ten. Each round from here on out(2-9) will have a bonus pick for round 10 attached to a card. If you are lucky enough to select that card you will receive the bonus pick in the final round.  Here are the cards available for your consideration:

Marc Iavaroni 1989 Hoops #142

Larry Bird 06 Topps Own the Game OTG27

Brian Scalabrine 04-05 Hoops 100 Parallel #80 067/100

Here is your draft order for this round. Good Luck!


  1. 1. Howard Auto
    2. Jason Kidd
    3. Shaq
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Manute Bol
    6. Wilt Chamberlin Turkey Red

  2. Eric L takes the Howard Auto with Pick 1. No luck on the bonus entry, its still out there for the taking.

    Morgan is on the clock!

  3. You got it Morgan takes Jordan/Wilt. Sportscardblog.net is on the clock.

  4. Now, now. There's a slim chance you could luck out and get a Manute Bol or Marc Iavarone. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Iavarone contains the elusive round 10 bonus pick.

  5. Could be ya never know? The only hint I shall give is that it will never be one of the top hits in a round....

  6. I'm curious to see who ends up with the Scalabrine. He is from the town I live in, and is friends with my brother in-law. Might have to make a trade later on with the future owner of that card.

  7. Sorry for the delay.

    I'll take the CP3 rookie

  8. Then for the number 5 pick I will pick either

    1. Manute Bol parallel
    2. Shaq insert

  9. Sportscardblog.net takes CP3. Fuji is on the clock.

  10. Time has ticked on Fuji. Sportscardblog.net takes the Manute Bol!

  11. Eric L by proxy takes the Jason Kidd. Hackenbush is on the clock. Fuji can also come back in at any time.

  12. The elusive bonus pick is attached to one of the final five cards!

  13. Hackenbush scores the Stilt
    Matt P takes the Diesel

    Hi flew is on the clock. Fuji is still eligible to come back in.

  14. Fuji come back and in takes the Scalabrine....which holds the elusive bonus pick in the final round. Good job on that Mark.

    Time has expired on hiflew. So he and CCC are both eligible to pick from the final two cards. Larry Bird vs. Marc Iavoroni. Who ya got? Never thought I would be saying that!

  15. CCC goes for Larry Legend

    Johnny gets Iavaroni!

    Round 3 will begin Saturday night

  16. Little delay. Round 4 will be up on Wednesday.