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Saturday, August 13, 2011

100th Blog Post Draft Party Surprise Begins Tonight!

Its only post 94, I know the party doesn't truly start till post 100.  There are still a few days to trade picks for those of you that were invited to my blog party. However, I promised a wrinkle, a swerve, a surprise(as the American Dream Dusty Rhodes would say "If you will") and here it comes. Well, actually, this is the first of a few wrinkles, swerves, surprises.  I promised it was gonna be a fun ride and it is gonna be epic!

Surprise 1:  The Draft Party actually contains twelve rounds not ten.  The two additional rounds are gonna be the first and the twelfth rounds. You can't trade picks for these two rounds. It will be 10 random cards in each. Randomizer three times will choose the order of draft.  In these two mini rounds you will only have 6 hours to make your selection. In the regular rounds you will have twelve.  If you miss your pick, you will be skipped, but can make a pick as soon as you can get to the blog post.

Let the journey begin!!!
Round 1-Surprise Round Draft Order

Brian Bosworth 88 Topps Rookie #144-ERIC L #1
Carl Yastrzemski 2008 Worlds Champions Mini #277POTCH#2
Frank Catalanotto 2008 Topps Gold #564 #238/2008-HIFLEW #3
Steve Taneyhill 96 Classic Draft Football #36-CCC #4
Ivan Calderon 1992 UD Team MVP Holograms #13-RYAN G #5
Cowboy Bob Orton 2010 WWE Topps Platinum XFractor #40-MATT P #6
Jeff Gordon 97 Fleer Ultra SHONEYS 4/16-FUJI #7
Dick Vitale 94 Classic Basketball #81-MORGAN #8

Here are the cards you may choose from:
Keith Gretzky 93 Classic Prospects Hockey #99(Haha not Wayne)
Cecil Collins 99 Prism Rookie(Nickname was the Diesel,what else does one need)

Hackenbush you are on the clock!


  1. My choices in order: yaz, ivan, frank c gold, 96 classic draft, jeff gordon, thanks! Posting from a blackberry aint easy.

  2. Taneyhill, Boz, Collins, Ivan Calderon in order thanks. Love me some mullets.

  3. I love this contest already... here would be my top 7 picks:

    #1 - The Boz
    #2 - The Yaz
    #3 - The Gordon
    #4 - The Orton
    #5 - The Vitale
    #6 - The Calderon
    #7 - The Castalanotto

  4. Gotcha potch. Hiflew is one the clock. Thanks Fuji~its gonna be one heck of a party!

  5. I pick....whatever is last.

    If someone misses their pick? Whatever is shiniest.

  6. I'll take the Catalanotto.

    Word verification : ambein

    Maybe the computer is telling me to go to bed.

  7. Catalanotto to Hiflew and lol at ambein.

    Taneyhill to Cheap Card Collecting, nice mullet

    Calderon to Ryan G

    Matt P is on the clock!!!

  8. Time will start on these picks when I put you on the clock. We all do have to sleep sometime.

  9. 1. Vitale
    2. Gretzky
    3. Gordon

    Excited to see what I get when I come back from the game!

  10. I'm happy to take Cowboy Bob, who I believe, was still wearing the cast in his last WWE appearance with his Son Randy.

  11. Matt-you got Ace Orton.

    Fuji-Goes for #24. Drive real fast call me Jeff Gordon.

    Morgan-You got the Vitale!

    Hackenbush is on the clock!

  12. Time has lapsed on Hackenbush. So sportscardblog.net wanted the shiniest so it is Cecil Collins Prizm.

    That means Hackenbush is stuck with the Gretzky lol.

  13. Good stuff guys and gals. One more day to trade and then we begin the PARTY! Gonna get wild. Turn your keys in at the door.

  14. Wes: FYI, I've set the Kimbrell rookie from Lineage aside for you and will send at some point soon. No need whatsoever for anything in return for that.