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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

100th Blog Post Draft Party Begins- GREAT NAMES ROUND

Greetings and welcome to the 2011 jaybarkerfan 100th Blog Post Draft Party. Each round will have a random draft order posted and a list of cards posted except for one round near the end which will be played under "mystery rules".  Each pick will have a time limit of 12 hours from when I put you on the clock.  If you miss your pick, the next drafter may jump up but you can jump back in as soon as you can get to a computer.

Round 1-Great Names Round
An appetizer before the main course. Some players just have Great Names or Nicknames-Neat Names-Awesome Names. This is a smattering of athletes that I have always thought had great names.

The cards available

Coco Crisp 2011 Topps Heritage #38(Makes me wanna pour a big bowl of milk and go crazy)

John Conner 2010 Topps Chrome #C96(The Terminator-awesome)

Ed "Too Tall" Jones 88 Topps #266(His name really needs no embellishment)

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd 90 Donruss #63(Love the Can)

Koko B Ware 1987 Topps Wrestling Stars #5(Bird, Bird, Bird)

Gorilla Monsoon 06 Turkey Red Legends TL6(A true wrestling legend)

Dick Trickle 1991 Maxx #66(O the fun I'm sure he's had with that name)

Spud Webb 96 SP #5(What a magical little fellow)

Uwe Blab 1990 Hoops  #264(Uwe Blab 'nuff said)

Spencer Dunkley 1993 Classic Draft #27(A big man named Dunkley-CLASSIC)

Potch-You are on the clock!  Good Luck


  1. My choices:
    1) Coco Crisp. Mmmmmmm.
    2) Koko (Only if I get Coco Crisp)
    3) Trickly Dick
    4) Oil Can
    5) Dunk'em
    6) Tater Tot


  2. Let's go with fellow Indiana University alum Uwe Blab! Wait, did Blab graduate? Before my time, slightly.

    I mean, who can resist a 7'1" guy who averaged 1.8 rebounds in his NBA career?

    You're welcome, by the way, to the pickers behind me!

  3. Potch-you're on the board. BLABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

    Matt - you're on the clock!

  4. Sorry I'm late. How can I not take Monsoon? Gimme Gorilla.

  5. 1. Koko B Ware
    2. Gorilla Monsoon
    3. Ed Too Tall Jones
    4. Dick Trickle
    5. Spud Webb
    6. Coco Crisp
    7. John Conner
    8. Dennis Boyd
    9. Uwe Blab
    10. Spencer Dunkley

  6. Matt scores with Gorilllllla.

    Ryan G gets Coco Crisp. Delicious.

    Hackenbush is on the clock-12:26AM.

  7. 1. Spud Webb
    2. Ed "Too Tall" Jones
    3. John Conner
    4. Spencer Dunkley

  8. Hackenbush gets skipped. Again

    Next pick to RYAN G

    You sir are the proud owner of Koko B Ware by proxy

    Fuji up next. By proxy he selects Too Tall Jones.

    CCC scores Spud Webb by proxy.

    Potch is on the clock-If anyone knows Hackenbush let 'em know they have been skipped again. You guys are jacked so this is gonna move fast. Hate for Hackenbush to miss out on some good stuff. Hope everyone is having fun so far!

  9. Morgan is on the clock now. Potch and Hackenbush can also come back in at any time.

  10. Let's go with John Connor. It's shiny.

  11. Morgan goes shiny with Connor!

    Fuji by proxy goes Dick Trickle.

    Potch and Hackenbush are both on the clock with twelve hours.

  12. Very sorry. Out of pocket.

    I'll take Oil Can, please.

  13. Hackenbush gets the Spencer Dunkley by default. Round 2 will start tomorrow!