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Friday, August 5, 2011

Huge Mailday-Shoutout to the Diamond King, PC Pickups, and Contest Update

Had a packed mailbox today, most of the stuff in there were items that will be included in my 100th Blog Post Draft Party, so you won't see those for a while!  1 Day Open and 29 entrants so far!  Still 6 Days of entries to go.  10 very lucky souls are going to have a lot of fun.  Check it out if you haven't and tell a friend.

Also received a package from Checkoutmycards.com.  I was pretty happy with their turnaround time.  Not especially happy with the shipping costs but o well. Got some great PC stuff from there.  First the Gary Redus loot.  Another 6 to the SUPERCOLLECTION-only 125 to go lol.
Also added a couple of oddball Sinatro's and a Salas-of the Matt and Mark variety.
My Don Mincher collection grew nearly 5 fold with these gems:

Also received a surprise from the Diamond King in the box today! We are going to be doing a lot of swapping in the near future.

First a big gaggle of Chipper cards I needed:
Then another Chipper I needed and some legendary Braves Hurlers:
And last but certainly not least-a stunning bundle of Expos. I believe I need 6 of these! At this point this is magical for Expos Anthology PC!
Thanks a TON KEVIN!!!


  1. Correction----I needed all of those Expos! Holy Bleep Batman, biggest Expos haul in a long time. Well played Diamond King.

  2. Oh good! I thought they weren't on the list! Great idea, the Expos anthology!!