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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reentering the Super Collector Fray-PC Spotlight-??

I have tried supercollecting before. Jay Barker...Brock Huard...Ingle Martin...Tony Pena...A few others over the years.

I always seem to get bored with it. Also there are usually cards that are out of my range financially.  I have decided to reenter the SuperCollecting Universe and attempt a new subject.  GARY REDUS

As best I can tell he has 160 different cards.  I currently have 26. Too early to start calculating percentages!

Do any of you remember Redus?  He came up in 83 with the Reds, went to the Phillies, then to the White Sox, then to the Pirates, and finally with the Rangers.  Decent stick, had good speed early on in his career.  Believe he stole 52 bags in '87.  This probably netted him this kick ass Starting Lineup which I can never lay my hands on.

I believe he still holds the record for BA in a LOW minor league season-.462!!!  Some of the players he outperformed in that '78 season were Ryne Sandberg and Julio Franco!

Didn't have much success in Cincy because he feuded with MGR-Player Pete Rose.

Chris Berman called him Redus and Weep lol.

Hit 438 for the Pirates in the '92 NLCS. With a .500 OBP!

After retirement he coached CC Baseball for a few years and then scouted for a few years.

Nice guy in person, always very cordial.

He's a hometown guy for me so I'm going after it! Redus Master Set here I come!



  1. I grew up in the 80s as a Reds fan (well they were located close but I was never a FAN) so I remember Redus fairly well.

    Personally I think this is exactly what a super collection should be. One that can be completed. No one will ever complete those Nolan Ryan or Tony Gwynn or Greg Maddux collections, but you can relatively easily complete this one.

    Good luck to you and I will check and see what I have of him for you.

  2. Hey, I had Ryan and Gwynn collections! I gave up for basically the same reasons, and that's why my player collections now are well-defined. I have one super-collector style collection, of Geoff Geary. He's got only 53 cards including 16 press plates but no true 1 of 1s, so it's doable. Like you, Geary's in my collection for a reason, and both of our collections are attainable (maybe not the plates).

    I think I remember Redus because of the '92 NLCS. I was a Braves fan then. I doubt I have any of his cards, but I'll keep my eyes open. And no, you're not crazy. Player collections are great!

  3. I vaguely remember Redus from the mid 80's... I might have his 84 Topps, 84 OPC, and his 85 OPC. Let me know if you need any of those... if you do, I'll pull out my box of those and see if I have them for you.