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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Who will succeed the Willinghammer???

I've been pondering for a while who may take the Willinghammer as my PC chase now that Josh has retired.  It has become obvious.

Reason 1-He's a masher!

Reason 2-He started at catcher which I did-Dale Murphy, Josh Willingham, Josh Donaldson

Reason 3-There's a vague personal connection.  He is homeboys with the fellas at BIG Hit Sportscards in Spanish Fort.  I consider them the tops and wish I was closer to their shop. 

Therefore---it's time to chase another State of Alabama BiProduct---The Bringer of Rain


  1. Great choice. I should have plenty of doubles in my A's box. Consider them yours... along with a stack of autographs I have set aside for you. I'll get them shipped out (hopefully) sooner than later.

  2. If I receive Blue Jays duplicates, I'll send them out your way !

  3. Should be an easy task for Master. 903 cards (and counting), 272 autos, oh yeah 709 of the 903 are serial #d.

  4. I think that is a good choice. Probably one of the more underrated superstars. You can find a lot of good deals on his cards.

  5. Wow, a Crimson Tide fan collecting a War Eagle/Plainsman/Tiger. The world is truly in upheaval. ;-)