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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Chance to Trade

Breaking out some bait because I feel like trading this week.  The Rules?? Just pick what you like and leave a comment. Limit two cards per person.  Feel free to nab just one if that's all you see.  What to send in return??  Just surprise me.

 Very Metally
 Never fear. This isn't from any specific Game, Event, or Season!
 "Authentic Game Ball"
 0337/1000 yes a cool 1000
 Meadalliony Dos
 Kinda Cool 205/499
 Pudgey Dual
 Silky Smooth Commemorative Rookie Patch
 Jamie Foxx from Ali and Jim Carrey from Bruce Almighty 58/99
 You can own part of Karl Malden's Hat
 Vroom Vroom
 Beckett 9
Something called FGS-Graded 10

So step right up and let's do this thing.  Just leave a comment and then email to lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com


  1. I would like to trade for the Pedro and the Boggs. E-mailing you now...

  2. Leiber88

    Jamie Foxx + Jim Carrey dual material
    Ivan Rodriguez Game used

    Sent you an email - thanks!

  3. I'm down for that Karl Malden hat.
    I just watched On the Waterfront two nights ago. Love that film!
    Email coming to ya. Thanks!

  4. Shoot! Didn't get here in time!! Wanted to trade for the foxx/carrey and malden. I like celeb things.

    Hope the Flemming hasn't been claimed or the Collectors Edge Game Ball