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Monday, July 13, 2015

Some COMC treats

Good afternoon everyone!  Just wanted to pop in and share a splurge from COMC.

 Some Mavs for the Auto Project
 A couple of Mavs from days gone by
 Triple Woodard
 Some Bama CBA Love

 High Cotton
 Tommy Gun
 More Tiders

 Just another CBA Card I wanted to pick up
 A Cardinal Auto
 Always wanted this Wilson

 Just loved everything about the Greene Card-Green Swatch, Green Border, Nealon Greene
 And finally Miss Molly
In the days of Trish and Lita and Kiebler-Molly was always my fave!


  1. Great pickups! Awesome Wilson!

  2. You probably have one of the better Willingham collections out there. Great stuff.

  3. Can you show off your Willingham collection one day??

  4. You should take pictures in better lighting. So dark.. hard to fully appreciate the awesomeness!