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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Building a vacation horde...wanna trade???

Got a good start to building my vacation cardboard stash with some trades last week.  I will be collecting all packages and ripping when I go on my next vacation.  Anyone else want to trade?  In return, I'm looking for autographs(any sport, any player-weirder or wackier the better), mascot cards, Josh Willingham, Josh Donaldson, Braves, Arizona Cardinals, and even Dallas Mavericks.  Don't even worry about telling what you'll send in return.  This time feel free to claim up to 3 cards for trade and shoot me an email at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com

 Little Upton 64/99
 Guaranteed Fun
 Refractor 126/199

 Cal is 037/100

 Mr. Leafy Loduca is 9/25

 Net Fusion Robby

 Manny Being Manny Net Fusionish



 Albert is 968/999
 Francis 05/25

 Camo Brees 276/499
 25/99 Big 49er Patch
 A Cowboy Aut

 A nice Raider Coin
 Texas 09/25

 A Dukester
 Cowboy Pants

Strike while the iron is hot. Stake your claim and let's trade it up


  1. I'll claim the Ichiro and the Crawford. Thanks!

  2. I'll go with the Big Hurt and the CC, please ! (and the Javy if I can get a 3rd one). You can send them to Matt if it's easier ! I have a bunch of cards for you anyway...

    1. Done deal. I will get them headed toward Bob walk country soon!

    2. Sounds good. I'll be sending stuff to France soon enough anyway.

  3. Can I have the Jackie Gleason/Jim Carrey, Harrison Goal Post cover, and the rocket plate

  4. Can we claim more than three? If so, I would also take the robby net fusion, the big hurt, troy glaus, Manny net, Fasano, Latimer, and cowboy pants lol. Not trying to be greedy but they all fit something I collect :)

    If I can't get more than three, than I am happy with the three I already got. Thanks! Emailing now

    1. I would be interested in the manny net, robby net, cowboy pants, fasano auto and raiders coin if still up for grabs :)

  5. Hey Wes. I'd love the Pedro Martine

  6. I' picked up a couple autos for you at a show of a Mav and a Cardinal, so I'll only request two. The Glaus and the Wright, if possible.

  7. I would love the Cobi Jones, the Latimer(if still available), and the Joe D. Will email soon.

  8. Leiber88

    These 3 for me this time:

    Miguel Cabrera
    Reggie Jackson
    Joe Morgan

    Thanks Wes!

  9. Still have the Miggy and Ripken available? I'd really dig those.

    1. Cabrera or tejada? The cabrera is gone

    2. Oops, yeah, I saw that the Miguel Cabrera was gone right after I posted. No worries. We'll get a trade going another time.

  10. I can send you a small stack of AZ Cardinals in return for some baseball. Doesn't have to be something off this list - feel free to surprise me. Thanks!

  11. Could I snatch these 3?:
    Bryce Harper Coin
    Joey Gallo
    LT relic