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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One last Junk trading opportunity

Got a great start to building my vacation cardboard stash with some trades the  last three weeks. All have been mailed that were originally claimed in those first two posts all but four are sent from the last post. Packages still due to Oscar, Adam, John, and gwdjr33.   I will be collecting all packages and ripping when I go on my next vacation.  Anyone else want to trade?  In return, I'm looking for autographs(any sport, any player-weirder or wackier the better), mascot cards, Josh Willingham, Josh Donaldson, Braves, Arizona Cardinals, and even Dallas Mavericks.  Don't even worry about telling what you'll send in return.  This time feel free to claim up to 3 cards for trade and shoot me an email at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com

If you are claiming from CCW just remember I don't check there everyday so you may miss out if I don't see a claim before I see it here on my comments.

 A few hockey cards up for grabs
 The below Straka is 0887/1010
 Arenas 41/99

 Gore 005/299
 A nice dual Dolphins
 Walker is 509/825

 Who needs a huge Rams Coin Card
 The Flacco

 Walker Florida State 1057/1499

 Gates Ball 005/250
 James/Johnson 242/250
 013/100 Taylor
 010/200 Stokes
 Chip of Ball for Champ

 136/499 McCluster
 051/250 Nice Ball Card
 USA USA 134/199
 Adam Dunn in motion
 A lovely Soriano Bat Card
 The Pinstriped Giambino
 Ring my bell

 Anderson 089/130


 Ordonez 223/250

 Rookie Ticket 0346/1850


 Very pretty color on this Moore relic
 A Brewer that somehow eluded my mailings to Tony

 0337/1250 Blalock Bat
 A nice framed black Blue Jays Bat

Ready Set Go!


  1. Just sent you an email about the Gonzo jersey and McCarver bat.

  2. Good stuff! I'd like that Bobby Abreu. I don't think I have one of him.

    I'll email you my NEW mailing address.

  3. I want these three!!! Schneider, Figurs helmet card, Thomas SB ball,

    If available afterwards I would take the Champ bailey football, Cliff russell football, Giambi jersey

    1. If Soriano, Charley Taylor and magglio go unclaimed I would be interested in those three as well with the other three I replied with on here :) thanks!

  4. I would like the Matt Ryan and Lecavlier.

  5. I'd love the USA stuff and the Blalock. I'll send you back two for one.