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Monday, July 6, 2015

Some Great Cards from GCRL

Many thanks are going out this evening to my buddy Jim who surprised me with a nice package.  Let's take a look at some goodies:

 Mr. Redus!  Always a great way to start any trade!
 Add in a little Willinghammer!
 Toss in four for one of my Bravos PC Binder
 Mr. Bear!
 Looks like some Auto are going in the binder tonight
 Always love the Chrome Autos
 John Buck. I've always liked John Buck!  Enjoy your retirement you weary baseball traveler
 Ultra Vintage Bravos Awesomeness
 Now this is one of my favorite Autos I've received this year!  He isn't Traveling Secretary Material but still a beauty!!!!

Thanks again Jim!!  Tune in tomorrow for a chance to trade...first come first served!

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