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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Unexpected generosity from John

I have been the recipient of very specialized and helpful generosity courtesy of John from Johnny's Trading Spot.  I believe he may have every Brave ever made!  He has hung with me this year as I have worked on my Braves Anthology Set.  I have been horribly slow at getting information to him and his patience is much appreciated.  I was lucky enough to receive a completely random package from John this past week! 

 Love these oversize Donruss Beauties especially the Expos Oliver
 Truly there were huge stacks of randomness
 This mailing was more about John getting in on the autograph project!  YAY
 Tim James has quite a story if you've never heard it:  http://www.nba.com/heat/news/tim_james_journey_from_nba_to_iraq.html
 Mr. Stone is currently at Michigan apparantly
 I think by now we all know my weakness for the Willinghammer
 A very unique card!  I got to learn about Michael Cobb-Former Birmingham Stallion!
This one was great to get.  The subject of probably my favorite all time 30 for 30! 

Thank you John for such a nice package!

A few cards remain from my trade post a few days ago.  I will get everyone that has claimed in the mail this weekend!