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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trade for this Junk Round 3

Got a good start to building my vacation cardboard stash with some trades the  last two weeks. All have been mailed that were originally claimed in those first two posts.   I will be collecting all packages and ripping when I go on my next vacation.  Anyone else want to trade?  In return, I'm looking for autographs(any sport, any player-weirder or wackier the better), mascot cards, Josh Willingham, Josh Donaldson, Braves, Arizona Cardinals, and even Dallas Mavericks.  Don't even worry about telling what you'll send in return.  This time feel free to claim up to 3 cards for trade and shoot me an email at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com

 Delhomme is 137/325

 Wayne is 43/50

 Hill is 007/299

 Bruschi 035/150

 Martin is 28/99

 Chandler is 36/99

 A rare Walker pictured as a Cardinal GU

 Kent is 103/125

 Dunn is 430/500

 Crawford is 09/10
 Gordon is 61/62

Strike while the iron is hot. Stake your claim and let's trade it up .  First come first served!


  1. Good stuff, I will take the Peja relic, the Posey manupatch and the Vernon Davis manupatch. Will shoot out some stuff your way soon. Thanks!

  2. Posey Sanchez and bumgarner have been claimed off line

  3. I will take the two Andruw relic cards and the Gooden manu patch.

  4. Requesting Jeff Kent, please.
    BTW - the Karl Malden fedora arrived and it's just as awesome as I hoped!
    Thanks package coming soon to you :)