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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yippee for Youppi

It's time to share some immense goodies sent my way via my favorite North of the Border Blogging Buddy-Douglas from Buckstorecards.  He knows what I like and always hits the mark.  If we weren't separated by the pesky mailing border who knows how much cardboard we'd swap:

 My basketball allegiances do belong to the Mavs
 D.C. knows I support the Cardinals
 Including Mr. Warner who we still haven't replaced
 I love my Bravos
 Look at Mark Lamm-the newest Brave in the anthology binder
 Look at that big a$$ pile of Alabama Alumni
 Still hoping Trent can prove the doubters wrong-Douglas sent me this giant patch
 Now lets look at some autos-Have you heard I"m collecting Autographs this year!
 Look at the striking Cardinal on ball Auto-It's #1/1-Dangggg its a beauty
 D.C. said this is one of his favorite Hockey Graphs-It is one of the nicest signatures I have seen!!
 Now onto my Montreal fetish.  I always rooted for the Expos even though I was a Braves fan
 I have been lucky enough to develop an affection for Youppi and Doug has provided these awesome Youps!!
 I love all the different poses!
 Stretching it out!
 Formal Wear Youppi!!!!

Doug, you know I love when you send me these!  Thank you very much my friend.  Hope you've dug out from underneath every hockey card in the state of Alabama box!


  1. Nice stuff. Gotta find me some Youppi!

  2. Youppi looks like he is making a nice diving catch. Great stuff from Dennis. He is one of the best.