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Thursday, May 21, 2015

UCF Brett surprises me twice!

Brett, my CCW bud, and I have swapped lots of cardboard over the years.  I already one package of cards to blog about when another showed up today.  Time to show off Brett's generosity.
 What a great way to start with old school Smoltzie
 A neat looking Cardinal rookie
 And a big ole Cardinal relic to boot
 A ginormous relic from Ughs
 Brett also contributed to the autograph project!
 Including a Bravo and two WILLINGHAMMERS!!!
Thank you for the cards Brett!  You always know what I like!  Return fire will be coming soon!


  1. Great variety in this package. Brett is the man!

  2. I need to see if WVU will allow me to become WVU Matt.

    Great stuff in this package. You have to have the best Willingham collection in world.