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Sunday, May 10, 2015

War-Lawyering Up

The time has arrived. War with Tony L from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards has begun. A small munition was sent Tony's way followed by a smattering of Double Stamped PWE BB's.  The return fire has ensured me that I have encountered a worthy adversary.  Tony shed some ominous language onto the situation by claiming "nothing as it seems" and "don't be deceived". 

Tony is a lawyer...My experience with lawyers is limited to my divorce attorney and small town pizza lawyers.

My guess is that Tony will be very much more dangerous than either of those litigators.

Let's see what Off Hiatus is sending against my deflector shields-it's very scan heavy(Blame Tony)
 Bravos skippers from days gone by
 You are going to be treated to lots of classic Bravos cardboard
 I mean LOTS
 The other Aaron
 Golly at all the old timers
 Spahny coming up
 Some modern day goodness of an old time legend

 Mr. Lary is an ALABAMA Native-Tony is a coy gent
 I have been warned about the Lawyer and his oddballs.  Sweetness!

 I mean we are looking at loads of aged Bravos
 Mr. Cox
 I'm guessing Tony's angle is to provide cards I've never seen before...Mission Accomplished

 Oh my this is getting quite serious
 Silence is golden
 Who doesn't like a little TV?
 Let's try another channel
 One more time!
 A beautiful Roach
 Just a pair of 1950 Bowmans...Yikes
 Let's just throw some Hammer in for fun
 More hammer...
 Bedrock IP Auto!
 Now this is where Tony's legal expertise comes into play...He seems to be a very astute researcher
 He must have figured out I have a mancrush on the Tekulve.
 Stay away BOB WALK...You can't have this beauty
 Now the research is reaching insane levels...Who else is digging out Don Mincher cards to send me other than Tony??
 This last 82 Oddball pilot card is a heavy hitter
So I must say if we were scoring round 1 that Tony would take it 10-9...Very impressive beginnings from my Atlantan adversary. Relish the opening round win.  I'm busy feeding my monsters...all six of them.   And let's share a little wisdom from the Atlanta badboys-My badstreet neighbors..."The further down the block you went the BADDER it got.  I live in the last house on the right."


  1. I seem to recall that Badstreet is in Atlanta, GA....

    I did say I would win the first round, though. And, indeed, not only did Frank Lary hail from Northport, he's also a Crimson Tider according to Baseball Reference. So, that's two birds with one stone....but, as you said, I do my research....

  2. Wait. Little Caesars has bacon wrapped pizza? Whoever came up with that is a genius. Sorry... can't comment on these awesome cards Tony sent ya... still thinking about bacon.

  3. You lost me at bacon pizza. Plus it looks like a lot of fine cardboard.....Mmmmm BACON

  4. There is a lot of delicious vintage in that post.

  5. Keep stockpiling Tony! Right when you start feeling good about things he swings back harder than ever. By the time you are done he might have Paul Molitor hand delivering one of his cards.

    This was some great vintage! Extra bonus for great Teke autos.

    1. *checks Braves schedule to see if Twins are coming to Atlanta*

      *nope, no Twins at Braves*

      In that case, he'll have to drag it out until the All-Star Break! :-)