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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Card Papoy-Great Taste in Cardboard

Again I was lucky enough to be visited in my mailbox by my French friend Kevin from the Card Papoy.  He has really nice tastes and sends tremendous cardboard a loooong way. He has been a huge contributor to my autograph project this year an  He's a trading stud!
Two Knickerbockers
 A very fancy Timberwolf
 A couple of Jays escape the grasp of Papoy
 Oh my Braves.  The Dual is sweet!
 Mr. Swope got a lot of rookie autos and I don't mind taking any of them!
 Oh my! Lots of things I could say but kids may be reading...
 A beautiful Murph.  MURPH4HOF
 A Hot Hot Hot 1/1  - Awesome!!!!!!!
Kevin closed me out with a hypnotizing Bieb

Thank you again My Friend!  This was a very very nice surprise!!  Great Scott has a few surprises to send your way from me the next time ya'll swap!  Viva France!


  1. WOW! what an awesome batch of cards! First class stuff!

  2. Hope you like 1990 Donruss Kevin......

  3. I love it when a trade post combines the words 'stud' and 'Bieb'. And I miss that Benchwarmer card already !