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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

War gets Serious---A package rocks my block off

Tony is proving to be a very tricky opponent.  I've sung his praises already so today I will just share the machine of war that Tony sent my way as part of his "Wild Card" package.  JBF Headquarters is rocked.
 An ominous warning from Tony that looms large
 Oh nooo.  The Chamber.  Where careers are broken and immortals are made
 Perhaps our war is more like a hell in a cell?
 This package does feel like a shot to the head with a steel pipe
 Tony is trying to put me through a table
 Maybe our battle should be on PPV
 Will a champion eventually be crowned
 Let's look at some wrasslin cards-Which I enjoy
 The legendary Weasel

 This selection is reeking of awesomeness
 Drew McIntyre doesn't deserve to be shown instead of Jillian
 Tony touched base on my no name QB Collection Here
 Including one for the Auto Project
 Let's finish it off with Shiekie Baby
 Oh gosh what hides within
 A decoy Upton
 Murph! Murph! Murph! Murph!
 It's a Daleing...Or a Murphing!!!
 A lovely rookie of the Murph!!!
 Some Mavs!
 Tony is just vicious with the vintage
 Les Expos

 The Knuckler

 Gosh Almighty

 I should have known better than to pick a fight with someone actually in Atlanta
 Tony must have endless resources for Bravos

 They just keep on comin

 But not 1992 Topps Lucky
 Hilarious Sticker!
 Bama Minis
 AJ Fever
 Bama Runners
The cards were only half of the equation as Tony smacked with a variety of other goodies!
 What are the story on these toy Bats!?!
 The Hammer!
 Some super sweet helmets-A pocket pro and an ice cream sized
 He never looked good in that Phils Uni
 Canseco has never been in better company
 Murph Coins and pinback...Priceless
 A loaded Action Pack All Stars pack.  Rookies Reunite with Parrish on top and Murph on bottom

 Groovy 3D Murph
 So...I'm hopeful this shiny beauty will have a cold one in it by years end at Turner Field.  Hopefully celebrating this war with Tony
 Big CAT

 I've got some great reading material for my summer vacation!

 Love the vintage Murph box bottoms

 My first Bravos Media Guide

 An Army of Melvins
So glad that this wayward box finally found it's way to my front porch.  Very nice mortar shot by you sir.  Tip of the Cap  #woundedbutnotdone #fourmonstersremain


  1. I feel dizzy! and Tubby Grahams? that is funny stuff!

  2. I'm happy that it finally made it to you, JBF. You've got four more monsters coming my way, but I have a secret weapon...or two.