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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Woody brings the thunder!

So many great packages have been rolling into  HG lately so it's time to catch up on some THANK YOUS!  Woody aka schwood from CCW is a big time New England Area collector.  He also apparently has had me on his radar for quite some time!  He sent me a large flat rate which included 3 600 Count Boxes(Yes 3) full of Expos, Braves, and other goodies.  I will be thoroughly showcasing those later.  For now let's look at Jeff's contribution to my Autograph project.
 Hockey graphs have not been plentiful in my collection so I was glad to see this one
 A couple of Celtics
 That lovely Mav Auto was a nice surprise
 The lone baseball auto
 Some College Autos
 On to some NFL fellas
 Hope the Falcons bounce back this year!
 That Adams is very shiny
 That is a lot of Patriot Autos!!  I hope these were duplicates for you Jeff
 He wrapped it up with a couple of sweet Arizona Cards!
Thanks so much for thinking of me Woody.  This was one hell of a haul and we haven't even showed off the boxes yet!

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