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Thursday, May 21, 2015

War Rages On-LJN explains it all

It all worked out coincidentally that as Monster #1 was arriving in Atlanta that I was receiving a well placed return volley at the Hazel Green Roll Tide Church.  The determination has been made by me already that Tony from Off Hiatus is going to be a tough nut.  Styles make fights and I think we have a perfect clash on our hands.

I have long thought that any life situation could be explained with 80's LJN WWF Toys.  Here we go..

Tony is an excellent planner, I can tell this already.  He develops a plan and then executes. I.E. Excellence of Execution:
 His packages pick a weak spot and apply the pressure like a sharpshooter
 He starts with a couple of cool Cardinals Relics
 and another
 Then he delivers a Cardinal for the Auto Project
 This where the excellence starts to kick in
 I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my affinity for Jake the Snake before
 so Tony hits me
and again

Tony is a true technician.  He might have the nickname "Ace" or the "Mechanic"
A tough customer who has all the moves and knows all his opponents weak spots
 Roll Tide History!
 A sweet Auto with a foil misprint right there on Faulkners mug
 Gone too soon DT58
 Some Crimson Offense
 Some Tide Defense
 A sweet relic
 Another auto...I'm almost confident that I didn't have Galloway!
 Now onto the baseball portion of our program
 A Cormier and a quartet of Hibbards
 A hodgepodge of Hobsons
 and more Hobsons
 Randy Hunt-A Tider??? Who Knew??? Tony knew
 A menagerie of Magadans
 He sacrificed the Nelsons from his Brewers
 Mr. Robertson's neighborhood
 Shiny and Mini Rutledge
 Gday mate
 Now we are getting into the dark side of the technician-the devious research
 Tony is the kind of technical wrestler that isn't afraid to wear a fake cast for years just to gain an advantage
Mike Twardoski???Who???
 Marv Breeding?? From my born and raised hometown of Decatur???

That's some great stuff Tony.  But here's where the clash in styles comes into play.  You are a Hitman Hart or an Ace Orton...These guys are more my style:

If Bundy were here he would tell you that I'm going to demand the five count
The Gang would let you know that sheer force is how JBF rolls...You are digging out from Monster 1 but Monster 2 is already on the way.

#warishell #sixmonsters


  1. Very nice! Heel Bret Hart was one of my all time favorites.

  2. One Man Gang: from Halsted Street, Chicago, was how he was billed in the AWA. Reality: he's from Spartanburg, SC, and lives now in Baton Rouge.

    My favorites from the 1980s tended not to be the faces, to be fair...

    But you probably can tell that. I don't fight fair.


  3. Where do you guys get all this stuff???

  4. Whoa. Gotta admit... didn't think Tony had a chance in this battle. But this just got very, very interesting.