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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trying to stay a 2013 Topps Virgin-Help Me!

I pledged that I was going to steer cleer of 2013 Topps. Not one dime of my money has been dropped on this year's flagship other than a group break I participated in-and I'm not counting that!

I'm starting to waver a bit.  I was near a ToysRus yesterday and fought to not go in and grab a couple of blasters.  The purple parallels were calling my name.

My pledge was to spend that money that I would have spent on flagship on vintage instead.  I want to buy some vintage today.  I would spend $20 on a blaster.  So anyone out there in blogland this morning that wants to make a quick twenty-take my challenge.  I don't even want to know what or how much you plan to send-just like I wouldn't know on a blaster!

Shoot me an email or drop me a comment. Help me stay pure!


  1. No no no no no!! Don't do it, back away from the blasters. Send it here, I'll load you up with some sweet, vintage! It will be from the original Topps monopoly, not the current, bastardized one, I promise!!

    This is exactly what I have been looking for because I can use the 20 to send out PWE Bombs like you!

  2. I also have a good bit of Orioles 1970's vintage available if you are interested. LMK
    potzie cards at yahoo dot com

  3. Stay away from ToysRUs! The prices are too high. If you need some Topps crack...at least get it from one of the other discounters (Target/Walmart).