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Sunday, March 3, 2013

JBF's Junk on the Road

Just got home from a road trip to Mobile!  Visited a great LCS, met the famous "Dimwit", participated in my first pack wars, and met some very nice people.  This week, if you dare, join me on a journey through some of the cards I picked up.

I arrived late Friday afternoon after a six hour drive and checked into the hotel.  Then, there was nothing to do so I hit up the local Target on a card expedition.

Picked up a couple of marked down 2011 Chrome Packs, a 100 card Fairfield repack, and three of those buy 3 packs and get a gu deals.  I think I did pretty well.

 Scored these three vintage out of the repack.
 Arencibia is shiny and popped out of one of the Chrome markdowns.
 Mr. Towles popped out of the first value pack.  Not sure why I didn't drop this on Sam while I was there?
 A Cub with a stripe!  Pack two yielded this one which I'm sure I can find a good home

The gem of the Target run was this beauty.  Love the retired player GU!

Join me tomorrow as I begin to detail the epic haul I purchased at Big Hit Sportscards on my Saturday run!