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Friday, March 22, 2013

Group Break Loot and a Piece of Vintage Greatness

I participated in my first break over at Jason's blog-Joe Average.I did ok.  I will be back.  Here's just a couple of cards I knocked down.
 Bobby OPC!
 Run Bo Run
 Nomo. Do you need a platter to rest on?
 A hit that I have a great Red Sox home for!

Jason also claimed a couple of cards from me a while back and sent this vintage Auto for trade.  Wonderful!

Thanks for the break and the trade Jason!


  1. Speaking of group breaks... if you like Allen & Ginter, I've got a charity case break that I'm filling right now. Giving away a hobby box of A&G and an uncut sheet of '13S1. More info here: http://crackinwax.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/2013-topps-allen-ginters-charity-case-break/

    Hope you can join in!

  2. I had to sell most of my vintage due to car troubles/tires (all at the same time) in the past weeks, but I have a lot of cool vintage autos I got personally signed. Bob Barton I met near 2000 in CA when he was coaching a minor league team. I wanted to get you a little vintage with a little flavor!

  3. Yes, that Nomo needs a Platter to attend to. I have some cards set aside that I owe you and you should be getting some goods next week. Thanks!