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Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Hit LCS Post 2- Hoop it Up

I'm not a huge basketball guy but I did find a few that I wanted to secure.  Various reasons that I picked these up.  Some were just because I thought they were cool.  Others were because I had specific people in mind!  Here we go:

 Two Great Auto's of Guys who were beasts in college!  Including Big Nasty!

 The Legend.
 I have a secret crush on Vanderbilt and this jersey piece looked like it had been sweated through for a month!
 I like IKE.  When GU were a little harder to come by.

 I know someone who will really enjoy this one!  Magical

Many reasons why the following is my favorite BBall Card out of the lot.  It's Grand Mama. It's a wood card.  It just spoke to me.

I love these patches. I've had a few before. They are big and #'d

Up next. Some Golfage!

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