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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bit Hit Final Post- Trade Night

This is the final post detailing my trip down towards Mobile for trade night at Big Hit Sportscards.  One more time a glowing endorsement for the guys that run the shop.  Nicest people I've dealt with in a shop since I was a kid.  I will definitely see ya'll again.  Maybe in the Fall.  Also, nice to meet the blog famous Daily Dimwit-twas my pleasure.

Now let's look at what I scored at Trade Night!

 Only one baseball product on the agenda.  I believe I busted six packs of these.  Did pretty well.
 I decided not to list these on the 'bay. 
 Die Cut Auto Action
 I believe I did three packs of SP Authentic for the Pack Wars
 Nice Canvassy Parallel-not numbered though
 Turned out that I got twoof the biggest rookies from the set.
 Answered a trivia question-about Hockey!  Scored the below beauty in my two bonus packs
 #d to 15
 Dipped my foot in the Magic Pool.  8 Packs I believe.
 I did get a hit.  It's on the bay.
 Hard to read but busted a couple of packs of Contenders-Got a Nick Foles Redemption
 Traded a Magic Base Card for this Lindley XFractor.
 Next was the big buy of the night for me. 2013 Leaf Metal.  Got a box which only has four cards.  I made a trade and ended up with five.

 Honey Badger!  This was one that I traded for.
 Next Big Thing?  Doubtful but I will hold onto it for a while just in case.
 Mr. Reed is on the bay.
 Eifert is #'d to 25.  The other card I traded for.  He is also available for bid.
Finally.  My decent hit from my box.  #'d to 10. 

Once again.  Thanks for checking out my Big Hit Posts!

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  1. Vert successful trip. Lot of 'graphs there!

    The Doug Martin is nice. His Boise State colors really pop.