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Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Hit Post 11- National League Claim IT!

Here is a couple of handfulls of cards I picked up to offer on my blog.  See something you like.  Lay claim-please limit to no more than three cards.  You can send me vintage in return if you like-not required.  Here are the National  League goodies.

 Carp(/500) , Seaver(/799)
 Dunn /100
 (Yount /1500), Damian Miller/2007
 (Moylan /999) Jiminez(/999)
 Cavazos /552 Cavazos/1952
 Danny Scheaffer Auto, Rasmus Bat
 Hawpe /150, (Reynolds /199)
 Helton (/2007), Ryan Speier Auto
 Guzman Jersey, Meloan Auto
 Kent /150, (Weaver /100)
 Aaron Cook Auto
 Ashworth Auto,Meloan Auto
 Angel Pena Autograph
 Pedro Guerrero Jersey
 Shawn Green Jersey
 Wilton Guerrero Auto,Karim Garcia Auto
 Derrek Lee 01/25, Sam Fuld Autograph
 Gonzo /799, Big Unit /799
 Andy Benes Autograph
 Stephen Drew /99, Russ Ortiz 65/75
 Pedro Feliz 38/99, Will Clark GU Pants
 Detwiler /150, Zimmerman /400
 Hoffman /199, Adrian Gonzalez 23/25
 Jim Leyritz Autograph

Tune in tomorrow when I will share some of the trade night cards I acquired.  Most of which are on the bay!


  1. Would love to get that Will Clark Pants card.

  2. I would take the Ryan Speier, Aaron Cook and Hawpe.

  3. I'd be thrilled with the Pedro Guerrero relic, and that Angel Pena auto looks intriguing.

  4. Jim Leyritz auto ryan zimmerman chrome and Andy Benes

  5. I'd really like the Scheaffer auto. Please and thank you!

  6. Shawn green, wilton guerrero, and Jeff Kent would be welcome here.

  7. A week late but if the Seaver is still there, I'd like it.