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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vacation Post 5- UD Goodwin

The shop I went too didn't have much on hand but I took a swing at 2011 UD Goodwin-Six Packs I believe it was.  All that are listed are available:

John Dillinger Gangster
Mia Hamm Soccer
Harry Vardon Golf
Randy Couture MMA
Tyson Gay Track and Field
Ryne Sandberg Baseball
John Lamb Baseball
Julia Mancuso Skiing
Janet Evans Swimming
King Kelly Baseball
Queen Victoria English Royalty
DeMarcus Cousins Basketball
Bubba Watson Golf
Mahatma Gandhi Politician
Matt Poskay Lacrosse
King Clancy Hockey
Michael Jordan Basketball
Wilbert Robinson Baseball
Marion Jones Track and Field
Wong Fei-Hung Martial Arts
Joe Sakic Hockey
Kasey Keller Soccer
Cammi Granato Hockey
Patrick Roy Hockey
WG Grace Cricket
John McGraw Baseball

CJ Hobgood Surfing
Miller Huggins Baseball
John Dillinger Gangster

Kasey Keller Soccer

Pretty eclectic group but they are all available if you need them...

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