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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vacation Pickups-Post 2 Bowman

There was a card shop in the town I vacationed this week and I hit them up to pick up some stuff. All is for sale or trade.

2011 Bowman

JP Arencibia Jays
Kevin Youkilis Red Sox
Justin Morneau Twins
Jorge Posada Yankees
Vladimir Guerrero Orioles
CC Sabathia Yankees
Ted Lilly Dodgers
Alex Rios White Sox
Jered Weaver Angels
Jason Castro Astros

Chris Sale White Sox

Bowman's Brightest
Desmond Jennings Rays

1st Bowman Cards
Kyle McPherson Pirates
Corey Jones Tigers
Gabriel Jacobo Angels
Sammy Solis Nationals

1st Bowman Chrome Card
Anthony Vasquez Mariners
Mason Williams Yankees
Joel Carreno Jays

1st Bowman Chrome Purple Refractors
Deryk Hooker Cardinals 263/700

Let me know if you need them...

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