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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A tale of 3 pieces of wayward cardboard.

I'm a sucker but I'm also a shepherd. I respect all cardboard. I may not bring it into my flock but I love it all and believe every card has a home somewhere....This leads me to this sad tale.

Exiting Wal Mart today, albeit not for cards(WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN), I glanced at the ground and saw an MVP  and two wide receivers on the ground. I don't believe 2011 Score has been out that long, definitely not long enough to be discarded on the ground.  Maybe seeing a 1987 Tom Herr on the ground wouldn't have been such a shocker.  I found three singles from the Score football set mangled in the parking lot and for whatever reason I rescued them.  I don't know what their fate will be but it will be better than being run over by cars and stomped on by every Wal Mart inhabitant.

Welcome to the family fellas!


  1. You done a good deed rescuing those poor abandoned forgotten cards. You will be rewarded by good things from the cardboard gods at some point in the future.

  2. Nice! I once rescued a Fleer All Star card of Latrell Spreewell while riding my bike.