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Friday, July 8, 2011

A mailbox visit today from....

Had a super nice package today from Kevin-The Diamond King!  He knows how to mix it up and send some awesome things I needed.

Here's some of the cardboard bounty
I needed almost all of the Bo's.  My Bo Collection is just starting so these are a great help!  Also needed the Tekulve and the Candy Man!
Needed all 4 Goose Cards. The Pena's will fit nicely.  The Willingham is also one I needed.  As for the Braves-AWESOME-two Chippers I did NOT have!

Many thanks Kevin.  I think you will see me in your mailbox very soon.  And to answer your question from my earlier post today. Yes, I think you'll find I have some surprises in store when it comes to Cardinals.

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