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Monday, July 25, 2011

Calling Card/ID Marker CONTEST

So two of the neatest things I have ever gotten in trades are not even cards per se.  They were personal calling card items sent with blog trades.

Exhibit A-San Jose Fuji Card personalized
One of my favorite trades from CCW, Schwood, and I have battled over these rare Fuji insert cards.  Mine is red ink and personalized.  Mark-aka San Jose Fuji, is one of the best traders I have ever dealt with and this is without a doubt the coolest unexpected gift I ever received from a blogger.

A close runner up was just received yesterday.  A blog sticker from Nachos Grande-fanofreds.blogspot.com
Absolutely phenomenal!!!

So I want to come up with something that I will send with my trades and/or gifts.  Could be a sticker, could be a card, could be something completely different.

LOOKING FOR YOUR IDEAS-All participants will be randomized for some gifts-prizes to be announced soon.

You may want to ask me some questions for input on what I might like to have as a trademark calling card.  So ask away!

Would like to see lots of input!



  1. My most visited post had to do with Pop Tarts "cards", so I was sending a signed Pop Tarts checklist cut from the inside of the box. How about tying your id to something your blog is most well know for?

  2. For some reason your name always makes me picture the blue jay logo as the head on a dog who's a huge fan of sports. Maybe work some photoshop magic. I feel like this comment sounds like I'm on some serious drugs by the way.

  3. Since the "fan" in your name is probably short for "fanatic", you could riff of it by using something related to an oscillating or ceiling fan.
    Also, in this same category, The Sewing Machine Guy included in a package he sent me a card from a deck of playing cards that has a sewing machine on the front. Super cool.

  4. Bob Barker? The Price is Right? Maybe you could make some Plinko chips with your own personalization on them. I think I'm just a really big fan of Plinko. Forgive my absurd idea.

  5. I think it depends on what you want your calling card to be. I would probably incorporate my Zoo logo with a TCIC logo, if I had something custom made for trading. I like Nachos' sticker, but I would personally go with a card.

    For a cheaper alternative, I'd probably do the playing card thing. I found some really cheap note cards with a baseball scene on them but I forget to send them out, and there aren't many left.

  6. I dubbed you the jolly ol St Nick of the Blogosphere for your constant generosity, so maybe include a custom Santa card or something.

  7. I had versicolor print up some blank sketch cards with my blog name on it and I draw a custom sketch card for the person that I'm trading with. Usually a favorite player that they collect. I'm not sure how they are received, but people seem to like them. I don't know if you like to draw, but i hope that helps.

  8. also, I'm pretty jealous that you got the red ink Fuji auto. I only have his base card. Hopefully one of these days I'll get to do another trade and pick up the auto version. I think as far as calling cards goes, his is the best.

  9. Jeremy-Yes sir very proud of my Fuji Red Ink Auto. You may have hit the nail with the sketch idea.

    Rhubarb-Thanks for the post and the thoughts!

    Ryan-You have my thought bubble working!

    Eric-That was a cool idea.

    AJ-Good thought!

    Morgan-Love Plinko,good idea.

    CCC-Love it and I don't think you were on drugs at all haha.