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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Done with Retail!!

After two bad experiences yesterday, I'm done with retail.  The value is just not there for me-along with the hassle.

I was off work early and decided and I would try and score some 2011 Bowman and Series 2 Topps.  Went to my local Wal Mart first, looking to spend about 70 bucks.  What I hate about WalMart is not their prices or variety-its their card aisle placement.  It is right beside Register 13 which is always open! The only way I can even look at the cards is if no one is in the line or if I wait in the line and then its a hassle to everyone behind me as I try to quickly ascertain what they have!  I'm done with you Wal Mart.

Nothing new yesterday-couldn't get close to the cards.  So I left. 25 minutes further down the road to Target I go....

Target's placement is great and their variety usually is as well.  Not last night.  They did have Series 2 blasters and racks.  No WWE Champions, No Rising Rookies, No 2011 Bowman.  Very disappointed.  I decide to go for two racks of Series II and two blasters of Series II. 8 Packs of Topps Magic Football from the markdown box later. $67 bucks.  I pay my tab and exit.  The EAS at the door goes off and I know how that works. Something had a tag and didn't get deactivated. So I stop and wait, my cashier says just go ahead, so I head for my truck.  About twenty paces into the parking lot I hear shouting. Stop, stop now or i'm calling the police.  Overzealous store manager.  After a few minutes its all sorted out but my god what a pain in the bleep.

To boot, Got no hits. 1 #'d Gold Card. Only 2 Diamond Giveaway Cards.

I'm done with retail card buying-peace out.


  1. That's annoying! Sorry you didn't have better luck.

  2. I'm not having a whole lot of luck with this year's Topps either. I keep getting Manupatches of teams I don't collect (my first 2 were Expos/Nationals, and my last a Kemp/Brooklynn!) and I have not seen even a hint at any Sparkle version cards!! As for hits, nope not even close either!!

  3. You should of told him to call the cops. It would of been funny.