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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Break

I'm still recovering from last nights Cardinals/Packers game but I'm here to share another cheapo break.  This one also comes courtesy of Toys R Us. 
This is a one card blaster but it's a guaranteed autograph.  I have tried these once before back in the day with a not so great pull.  Will I get lucky and pull a super ridiculous green parallel of Geno Smith to throw at Bob Walk?  Will I pull some cool Alabama Alumnus??  Is the suspense killing you this Sunday evening?

Is It?

 Well, I now have a blue serial numbered Da'rick Rogers Autograph.
Here's the back just in case you haven't already fulfilled your Da'rick fix.

Looking back this one is one I wish I'd passed on but them's the breaks!


  1. I remember all the recruiting intrigue with Da'Rick. He was committed to Georgia for a long, long time. Then, at the last second, he switched to Tennessee because UT gave his buddy Nash Nance a scholarship. Rogers ended up getting booted from UT because of failing drug tests, and transferred to Tennessee Tech.

    So, when it's all said and done, it was a bullet dodged rather than a star missed....sort of, since Rogers had a huge sophomore year in 2011 and would have helped UGA a bunch that year.

    I still don't like him.

    1. The crazy thing is, he got a ton of hype as an undrafted dude coming into the NFL. But understandably never panned out.