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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cards from an Icon

Greg from Night Owl Cards is a legend in our space.  He continues to churn out quality posts every day.  When he sends me cards I pay close attention because there is almost always a surprise in store.  Let's see what treats the multi time Blog of the Year winner sent my way:

I remember catching a line about Cornelius while watching a Bama show-When the grim reaper shows up he'll be wearing a 97 Jersey.  Just a touch before my time when he was at Bama but he sure was a tough hombre.
N.O. delivered with the force of a Willinghammer

Wait?  What is this?  Is this an oversight on the part of the Owl?  I hope not as I was glad to see this Kemp and add it to my autograph binder!

Thank you Mr. Owl for the cards and Thank you for your continued excellence within the blogging community.


  1. No oversight, sir. You more than earned it, wish I had a bunch more for ya.