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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A good night!

It's not always easy to be an Arizona Cardinals fan.  Winning seasons have been few and far between until recently.  It's even harder to be a Cards fan in Alabama.  There just aren't many sympathizers or co-conspirators. Opportunities to see the games are few and far between most years.  Tonight seemed like it was going to be another disappointment but then he happened:
Like a fine wine that gets better with time-FITZGERALD
I know it's a hard one to swallow for Packers fans and you have my sports condolences this evening.
However, as a Cardinal fan it's a night for hope and anticipation!  Could this be the year?  I've told friends, that know me as the lonely Cardinals fan in Alabama, that I just want to see a Super Bowl win in my lifetime.  I thought it was going to happen once before and then Big Ben to Santonio happened. Maybe this is year instead of the normal maybe next year!


  1. Now that my Giants are out (been out for awhile), they are who I want to win. They deserve a win

  2. Enjoy it, you know you're going to anyway.

  3. Congratulations on the win! That was a great game, even my wife who isn't a big sports fan enjoyed the 4th quarter/OT.

    Even though the Cards are in the same division as my Niners, I am hoping they win it all. It would be great if my fellow Trojan Carson Palmer could add a Superbowl victory to his resume.

  4. Such an amazing game! As Cardinals fans we (okay, mostly me) were going crazy!

  5. Since your Cardinals beat my Packers, I certainly want to see your team go on to win the whole thing...especially considering the remaining options out there.

  6. I didn't have a horse in that race...but great game nonetheless!
    I did go to a Cardinals-Rams game there in AZ a couple of years back, so that's a bit of a connection. :)

  7. Bears have been out of it since August . . . Is there room on that Cardinals bandwagon?