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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Break

I'm going to try and establish some more consistent content here in addition to just sharing maildays and offering cards.  One way I'd like to do that is sharing some breaks.  When I see something that strikes me as a bargain I will often strike-some times I regret that decision and sometimes I do not.  Let's take a look at a break
 Horrible picture of the box but what we are breaking is 2010 TNA The New Era.  You get 24 cards in one cellophane wrapper with a guaranteed auto per box.  I did find these slightly marked down at $14.99 at my local Toys R Us.  I would have hoped to pay less since they are now six years old but it is TRU and they are always a little overpriced on cards. 
 The base cards are nothing fancy.
I could have done better on the guaranteed auto but Val is hot and I will gladly add her to my wrasslin auto collection.  Didn't luck out and pull Hogan or Flair but I'll take it over some of the available autos.

Grade for this purchase-C-  I obviously wouldn't have paid fifteen bucks for this So Cal Val Auto and some base cards but that is the thrill of the chase.  Could have done worse so we'll put this in the C- range.


  1. If I could find one of these on clearance, I'd take a gamble too.

  2. Don't watch wrestling anymore... but that's nice eye candy.

  3. I'd probably gamble on that box of cards, too.

  4. Worth the gamble. Not a bad break

  5. Very nice! Always fun to see what kind of stuff can be had on the retail bargain bin shelf. Might have to gamble on one of these myself if I come across one.