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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Willinghammer custom buffet

Last night I shared just a taste of an eight pack of customs that came my way courtesy of Gavin of bcb fame.  Tonight I share the main course.   No need for a lot of commentary from me...his work tells the story much better than i can.

Gavin, I just can't get over how cool these are my friend!  Thank you so much!  24 points for you sir in my year long contest. 2 points per plus the wow bonus for each card!


  1. I went through many dime and dollar boxes yesterday at a show. Not one darn Willinghammer. Some day.

    -kin (ifeellikeacollectoragain.blogspot.com)

  2. Sick customs! Gavin does some great work (91 Fleer never looked so good!) The label card is a nice touch, too.

    1. I agree, the '91 Fleer is my favorite of the group. Although the simplicity of the card from his playing days is quite nice as well.

  3. He got me! I saw the 91 Fleer and my first thought was "he played in 91?"