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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday Mailday Theatre

Welcome to the first episode of Thursday Mailday Theatre here at Willinghammer rising.  Tune in each Thursday for ebay, comc, and sportlots maildays.  Now say hello to your host here at TMT.....THE BIG HAMMER
Join us as guests present the best Joshes of the week....your votes can decide who returns to present another week
 Straight from jedi heaven ghostly Ben presents a Young Stars Signatures Hammer
 Mr Tickle is plum tickled about this Clubhouse Collection bat card
 Strength in numbers as the Foot presents 3 charcoal heroes parallels
 Elmo is excited about this Willinghammer Auto
 Leave it to Goldust to break out this trio of gold cards
 An evil offering from Skelly with this pair of blue paper parallels from GQ
 He pities the fool that dont like this foursome of acetate autos
Finally we are rocking out with a black refractor brought to you by North Alabama music icon Microwave Dave.  His band the Nukes were not available.

So there you have a week of maildays.  Which guest presenter deserves another appearance next week??