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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Welcome to episode 2 of TMT!  Last week your favorite Jedi ghost won the right to return for another week.  What interesting characters will join Ghost Ben this week?  Who will garner the votes to return in episode 3?  You be the judge!

 Ben has a winning materials gold parallel #d to 50. These are not the droids we are looking for...move along
 Joe Carter is here with an ultimate star
 Lego pig is on the future watch.  Oink oink
 Big Al brings you Big Josh
 Baker Smurf has a cool aqua heroes relic
 Pizza pizza 5/25
 These chromes are both /35 and they brought the muscle.  Muscle Men
Oh what a rushhhhhhh.  The Leeeeeeeeegion of Doooooooom.
This slick dual auto is /55 and brought to you by Hawk and Animal.

So who is your favorite this week?  Will Ghost Kenobi return or will his reign be a short one?  You decide!


  1. Oh, man! Definitely the Legion of Doom! I was going to vote for Pizza Pizza until they showed up last minute. I like that aqua Heroes relic. Very nice.

  2. Muscle men for the win this week

  3. Yeah, I'll pile on with the Muscle.