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Monday, February 20, 2017

An ultimate find but not a white whale

First and foremost let me show some love to BWTP for putting me on the scent of this bad boy.  What rests inside this beautifully pillowed package??
 For slightly less than the cost of a blaster I scored this magnificent Willinghammer masterpiece!
But its only numbered to 5 so i guess it wouldn't be a white whale.  So what have I captured?  A rare rhinoceros or perhaps an endangered panther.  Maybe we can come up with a new hobby term together!! So what animal do you think should represent a rare find numbered to five?  What say you?


  1. Five Human - I'd say we are approaching endangered status. Nice lead from Matt!

  2. Great looking card! Congrats on landing it!

  3. Can't help you with the animal name... but that's a sweet addition to your collection. Congratulations!

  4. Cards numbered to five are snow leopards. I'm sure Topps already calls them that too.

    Glad you were able to snag it.