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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation. The Final Countdown 1-10

Time to reveal the Top 10 cards from my summer vacation.

 10. Stan the Man Courtesy of Uncle Tiny
 #9.  Josh Willingham Haul
 Thanks to Matt Scott for sending most of these along

 8.  Jerry Rice Certified Auto courtesy of Uncle Tiny

 7.  Bama Alumni Haul
 Pulled the Millner from a pack!
 The McCarron pull was one of my favorite pack pulls ever
 Big Thanks to Uncle Tiny again for sending many of these along!

 6.  Fitzgerald ManuPatch /25.  Manupatch or not its still a PC Pull
 5.  A great pull for me.  Could be a really good card down the road!
 4.  Sparky Anderson Cut- Wish it was a check or document but it's still a great pull
 3. A Beautiful Kaline Auto.  Again tip of the hat to Uncle Tiny!
 2.  Proud to have pulled this one!  My first Brock.  My third Gibson

 1.  1969 Nolan.  The next to last card I needed for my set.  Only Ted Williams remains!
 This one came courtesy of P Town Tom.  Thank You So Much My Friend
Even though PTown is taking a hiatus from the cardboard game, I am not.  So you can expect heavy return fire for this gift!

Thanks to everyone for checking in!  Will be getting the final couple of groups of the World Cup up later this week and the winners bracket at some point to follow. Thanks again for reading my blog and to all the great traders out there- ROCK ON!


  1. Looks like quite the summer vacation you had!

  2. Awesome cards from Uncle Tiny and Ptown!

  3. That Sparky is from a Hall of Fame plaque postcard.


  4. Holy Cow! The Nolan Ryan came in at number one! (That just totally made my night.) And there some pretty sweet cards from your vacation... I especially liked the Willingham haul.